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Quality is no coincidence

More effective and efficient: those were the primary goals when Hamilton Bright was established in 2000. The objective was to influence the purchasing process of consumers. Many premium brands within the consumer electronics market were growing very rapidly, and focused primarily on mass communication.

In good times, less attention is often paid to the return on marketing investments. With knowledge and a network in the Retail market, we have developed services with proven returns. Outsourcing these services, which promote sales and attract the right attention for the brands, only makes sense if there is a demonstrable improvement in the mix of quality, flexibility, price and continuity. This receives our constant attention. This requires a focus on specialism, continuous innovation, optimum staff and customer satisfaction, space for enterprise and complete transparency.

Today, Hamilton Bright Group works for hundreds of premium brands and retailers in a variety of disciplines and in various sectors. The company consists of many business units, which all focus on the client and the staff. The complete Hamilton Bright portfolio gives an objective impression of how goals are achieved in the most efficient way possible. We have specialists in every service and every sector. The goals are always the starting point, and are developed into an execution model. This must guarantee that these goals are achieved.

An Advantage Smollan company

An Advantage Smollan company

Hamilton Bright is part of a worldwide organisation (Advantage Smollan), and that gives us the capacity to provide solutions for many countries and to keep up to speed with all (technological) developments. In this way, execution models continue to evolve and our clients benefit from economies of scale.

The quality we deliver is determined for a large part by the staff of Hamilton Bright. “Hire on attitude, train on skills” has been our motto for many years. Ambitious starters are generally very welcome at Hamilton Bright. Personal development and offering prospects are very important to this group, and that fits us perfectly. Hamilton Bright works with measured ‘learning journeys’. Continuous development helps people to become stronger and stronger. For example, every employee has a meeting twice annually in which all competences are measured 360 degrees, development is recorded and subsequent steps formulated. At Hamilton Bright, management is based around inspiring, motivating and facilitating: thereafter, employees are responsible for their own development. This has led to hundreds of success stories from people who started their careers at Hamilton Bright.

At Hamilton Bright, wanting to become a little better each day is in our genes. This is an excellent match for the requirements of our clients and staff. Quality is no coincidence.

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