Hamilton Bright Brand Store Management

Brand Store Management

Major department stores such as De Bijenkorf have used them for years: shop-in-shops. The name says it all: a shop inside a shop. Shop-in-shops have also become popular in the Consumer Electronics market. As with all offline stores, good staff are essential to achieve the desired results.

The right staff

Our staff are responsible for managing the shop-in-shops, with the sales targets being the number one focus. The starting point is that this should happen in a way that fits the brand, so that consumers leave the store with the right perception. Hamilton Bright Brand Store Management handles all aspects of arranging the correct staffing.

We make sure that the Shop is constantly manned by motivated salespeople, men and women who want to learn and build a career in sales. Hamilton Bright is very attractive to these employees, because we are known as a platform to lay the foundations for a successful career. Together with the client, we set up a programme that allows sales staff to perform optimally today and to begin to build a great career for themselves. Through personal contact, a ‘learning journey‘ and (field) coaching at individual level, we take our staff to the right level.



The question from Microsoft was: “How can we ensure that we generate more sales, and achieve and maintain a premium appearance in our stores?”

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