BOUWMAAT - Hamilton Bright


#Twin Shop Support

The commission

Bouwmaat commissioned us to refit several sections in all Bouwmaat branches in accordance with a new shelving layout.

The goal

The goal

To serve their customers even better, Bouwmaat has new product ranges in various categories. By replacing old items with new, and by arranging the products by type, the available range became clearer and it is easier for customers to find the items they need.

Our approach

To prepare for the national refit, we carried out a test refit (pilot) in partnership with the client at Bouwmaat Almere. This allowed us to map exactly how much time was required for the refit and to tackle the associated challenges. We then wrote work instructions for the employees to ensure that everyone was properly prepared to carry out the refit with all the correct information.

The result

Thanks to an effective partnership with both the client and the branch, we successfully refitted the relevant product sections in all branches.