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BSH inspratiehuis

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The commission

BSH had a need for flexible Product Advisors in their Inspiration House in Hoofddorp, with additional regular Product Advisors on Saturdays.

BSH also wanted to map the consultations and stay in contact with visitors to the Inspiration House in the coming years, to offer them additional services and advice.

The goal

  • Flexible, trained and passionate staff
  • Additional regular staff on Saturdays
  • Increasing direct marketing

Our approach

Using a profile sketch, we began recruiting Product Advisors. Because this position involves acquiring a great deal of knowledge, but certainly also staying up to date about new products and developments in the market, our Product Advisors work at least three days per week.

The employees can develop fully in their role thanks to the many training courses offered at BSH, and the learning journeys from Hamilton Bright. The client and Project Manager also ensure employees are coached on the job during their daily activities.

By determining KPIs and collecting customer data, direct marketing can be increased.

The result

Our partnership with BSH and the deployment of flexible and passionate staff means our employees are able to conduct high-quality, detailed consultations. A database with customer data is also maintained to allow the customer journey to be followed in the long term. In this way, we make a positive contribution to a future purchase by visitors to the BSH Inspiration House.