JBL - Hamilton Bright


#Retail Service Partner

The commission

JBL asked Retail Service Partner to help guarantee the compliance of their displays in Media Markt branches.

The goal

The goal

The goal of this commission was to inform the client in real time, while also taking account of the interests of the store.

Our approach

To ensure that the agreements between the supplier and the branch are fulfilled, the following tasks are carried out:

  • Reporting/discussion with the department leader
  • Shelf facing
  • Processing shelf stacking
  • Verifying the ordering system
  • Monitoring price levels
  • Highlighting opportunities and threats for JBL
  • Attempting to create extra order for second placement/seasonality
  • Completing reporting/contacting account manager in case of irregularities

During this project, Retail Service Partner secures the JBL branding by communicating between branch and supplier in a solution-orientated way

The result

The result is that JBL visits the right branches within a short period of time, and can subsequently discuss the plan of action together to ensure compliance.

We have also been able to add value for the branches by seeking collaboration and playing an assisting role.