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The commission

Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) asked Hamilton Bright Sales Management to set up a Sales Campaign, with the primary goal of realising new distribution points for Ice Coffee within Petrol (independent stations).

Our approach

Our approach

Within a rapidly changing Petrol landscape, knowing the market and building a solid database is extremely important. Thankfully, we have a great deal of experience in Out of Home (and thus also in Petrol) and, due to past campaigns, we have a list of relevant locations. In addition, a campaign requires the recruitment & selection of Sales Representatives who fit the brand, product & sales channel, and who also have some Sales experience – because during a one-month campaign, there’s no time for an extensive induction programme. In a labour market that is picking up rapidly, this isn’t always easy, but by taking the right approach, our recruitment department was able to find 2 strong candidates for this campaign.

The result

Following a good brand and product training programme, and a basic sales training programme organised by the client, our team got to work – and successfully! The targets were achieved, and we also collected market knowledge for JDE that helps them to determine the strategy for Ice Coffee and marketing!