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The commission

Following up the most important Retail channels for Kobo with a continuous Benelux Field Force. This Field Force focuses on the many facets of Field Management. The primary focus is the structural optimisation of Kobo’s performance in the Retail landscape. Important relationships are also built and maintained, in-store training is given and sales are promoted.

The goal

The goal

As an agency, the team’s goal is primarily to achieve in-store KPIs. These KPIs concern matters such as the number of training courses given to store staff, the in-store presentation, category management etc.

Our approach

By employing a Benelux-wide approach, both the management and the reporting are delivered to Kobo in a consolidated manner. This results in a very efficient and pleasant collaboration for all concerned. For staff, there is always space to develop further in their roles. This includes plenty of space for entrepreneurship, a custom-made learning journey and sparring sessions with the Field Manager, in which the client also plays an active role.

The result

The result of our actions is a very pleasant, open and constructive relationship with our partner Kobo. Our approach also resulted in a very strong position for Kobo in the Benelux market. This is based on a strong relational foundation, in which our common goal is to strengthen and grow this basis.