KRAFTHEINZ - Hamilton Bright


#Installing display

The commission

While KraftHeinz is primarily known for its ketchup, Honig, Karavan Cevitam and Wijko are also well-known Heinz brands. For this commission, the Merchandisers of Hamilton Bright Merchandising visited various stores throughout the country to instal displays.

The goal

The goal

The goal of this commission was to introduce customers to Wijko satay sauce, during barbecue moments and seasonal peaks, to attract new consumers to Wijko satay sauce.

Our approach

The materials for this promotion are sent by the logistical partner of KraftHeinz to various depots throughout the country. Hamilton Bright Merchandising has nationwide coverage, with each merchandiser visiting various supermarkets in the region to execute the commission.

This commission resulted in a complete package for Heinz and Hamilton Bright Merchandising. Shipping to the depots is organised from the logistics centre in Sneek. Our merchandisers then build up the promotion nationwide. Finally, the materials are dismantled at the end of the promotional period, and returned from the depots to the Hamilton Bright logistics centre. Here they are stored and prepared for use during the following round. The displays used for this commission are ‘flexdisplays’, and can be used for multiple activations. The display is decorated with new promotional material for each promotion, so that each promotion is unique.

The result

By placing the displays, customers were made aware of the sauce. Buying the sauce was also made more attractive with a prize promotion. By purchasing Wijko satay sauce, customers had the chance of winning a toolbox barbecue.