LEIFHEIT AG - Hamilton Bright



The commission

Leifheit AG approached Retail Service Partner to verify a national leaflet promotion on the shop floor at Blokker. The client wished to know whether the promotion was present in the branch and was visible for consumers.

The goal

The goal

Leifheit AG had clear questions that needed to be answered, and we indicated the additional market information that we could generate during these verification visits.

Our approach

In consultation with the client, we then determined how best to approach the commission to attain the best possible picture of the situation. The budget was clearly an important factor. A proposal was developed to carry out verification visits in two separate periods at a hundred selected branches in the Netherlands, spread across the twelve provinces.

We eventually prepared a report with availability, location and presentation questions, supported with photos. Leifheit AG also had access to a real-time overview of the visits we carried out. This allowed us to implement intermediate changes due to points of concern that were identified on the shop floor.

We visited a hundred Blokker locations spread across the country within a period of one week on two occasions, and reported our findings. In addition to verifying the promotion, it was also important to obtain an overview of the regular shelves in the store. By taking several photos of each shelf and promotion and adding these to the report, a clear picture emerged.

The result

Leifheit AG was satisfied with the two hundred visits that we carried out. We were able to amend several questions between the two rounds. The information that Leifheit AG was able to generate in this way created a clear picture of both the execution of the promotion and the state of the regular shelves in two hundred Blokker branches.

This information provided Leifheit AG with a treasure trove of knowledge about the added value of promotions, and a clear picture of the positioning of their brand at Blokker.