MICROSOFT - Hamilton Bright


#Brand Store Management

The commission

The question from Microsoft was: “How can we ensure that we generate more sales, and achieve and maintain a premium appearance in our stores?”.

The goal

The goal

  • Sales
  • Premium appearance for the Windows Zone
  • Training and motivating sales staff

Our approach

By deploying our specialisms, we can make an appropriate contribution to achieving these targets. Based on the figures, we selected locations to deploy shop-in-shop staff to improve Surface, Windows Premium and Office, as well as the general appearance. We prepared a profile and then began recruitment. The combination of new staff and shop-in-shop sales staff from the existing team ensured that they could make a flying start and focus on the set targets.

The result

Our approach allowed better results to be achieved in the branches where a shop-in-shop salesperson is deployed and a more “premium” appearance for Microsoft in general. In addition, the sales staff are better trained and have more knowledge of Surface, Windows and Office, which helps them to sell more premium models.