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The average shelf is filled with numerous different products and brands. To help shoppers make a purchasing decision, certain products are put in the spotlight. With a regular, national field service team of Merchandisers, Hamilton Bright Merchandising visits hundreds of sales points every day to improve the visibility of our clients’ brands on the shop floor. This may be via promotional material (POS) such as a display or promotional leaflet, or by constructing specific presentations.

POS is used to inform shoppers about promotions, specific sales arguments or product introductions. Our clients’ products are on sale nationwide, which means it is important to supply all sales points with POS within a short period of time. Our merchandise team is able to visit up to 600 stores a day.

We work with a large, regular group of young and talented Merchandisers, who all want to become better every day. They take part in a development programme which allows them to take the next step in their career after a certain period. Via this personal development, and by offering prospects for the future, Hamilton Bright continuously encourages and motivates our staff. This keeps our staff alert in their roles and gives them an excellent experience, which will help them greatly in the next phase of their careers.

If you understand how the shop floor works, you can also assess it effectively. This experience is essential for ambitious starters.



While KraftHeinz is primarily known for its ketchup, Honig, Karavan Cevitam and Wijko are also well-known Heinz brands. For this commission, the Merchandisers of Hamilton Bright Merchandising visited various stores throughout the country to install displays.

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